1: Chinese Lunar New Year - Celebrating the Year of the Ox with family and friends.

2: Symbols of Chinese New Year - Red envelopes, dragons, and fireworks bring luck.

3: Traditions of Lunar New Year - Cleaning the house, wearing red, and giving gifts.

4: Meaning of the Year of the Ox - Strength, hard work, and prosperity ahead.

5: Festivities of Chinese New Year - Parades, lion dances, and lantern festivals.

6: Foods of Lunar New Year - Dumplings, fish, and nian gao for good luck.

7: Folklore of Chinese New Year - Legend of Nian, the monster, and its defeat.

8: Greetings for Lunar New Year - "Xin nian kuai le" and "Gong xi fa cai" wishes.

9: Celebrating with loved ones - Reunion dinners, temple visits, and well wishes.