1: Simone Biles, US gymnastics icon, makes triumphant return with groundbreaking vault

2: Biles shatters records with legendary vault, to have move officially named after her

3: Gymnast legend Simone Biles set to redefine sport with historic vault achievement

4: Simone Biles cements legacy with game-changing vault, a first in gymnastics history

5: Biles stuns world with unprecedented vault, earns honor of having move named after her

6: Iconic athlete Simone Biles makes history with groundbreaking vault performance

7: Gymnast phenom Simone Biles to leave lasting impact on sport with signature vault move

8: Simone Biles' return to top form marked by historic vault, set to inspire next generation

9: Biles' groundbreaking vault cements her status as a gymnastics superstar for the ages