1: The Google Pixel 8 has a high price tag that may unsettle some consumers.

2: The cost of the Pixel 8 is a concern due to its competition with more affordable brands.

3: Pricing of the Pixel 8 may deter budget-conscious individuals from purchasing.

4: The higher price of the Pixel 8 raises questions about its value compared to other devices.

5: Consumers may hesitate to invest in the Pixel 8 due to its premium cost.

6: The expensive nature of the Pixel 8 may lead to decreased sales and market share.

7: Pricing strategies for the Pixel 8 could impact its overall success in the market.

8: Concerns about affordability may overshadow the Pixel 8's features and performance.

9: The pricing of the Pixel 8 is a critical factor that can influence consumer purchasing decisions.