1: "What is Hair Plopping? Learn how to enhance your curls with this simple technique."

2: "Prep Your Hair. Start with clean, damp hair for best results with plopping."

3: "Applying Products. Use your favorite styling products before plopping to define your curls."

4: "Plopping Technique. Wrap your hair in a t-shirt to encourage curl formation."

5: "Benefits of Plopping. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to defined, bouncy curls."

6: "Plopping for Different Hair Types. Explore how plopping can work for all curl patterns."

7: "Drying Time. Leave hair in the plop for 20-30 minutes or overnight for best results."

8: "Styling Tips. Enhance your plopped curls with diffusing or air drying."

9: "Maintaining Your Curls. Keep your curls looking fresh by plopping regularly."