1: Enhance your cucumber yield by planting basil. Its aromatic leaves repel pests and enhance flavor.

2: Boost cucumber growth with marigolds. These vibrant flowers deter harmful insects and add color to your garden.

3: Try growing dill next to cucumbers. It attracts beneficial insects and improves the overall health of your plants.

4: Plant nasturtiums near cucumbers for a natural pest repellent. These colorful flowers also add beauty to your garden.

5: Consider adding radishes to your cucumber patch. They help break up soil and attract pollinators for better growth.

6: Sunflowers make great companions for cucumbers. Their tall stalks provide shade and support for climbing vines.

7: Chamomile can help improve the flavor of cucumbers while deterring pests. It's a beneficial herb to have in your garden.

8: Mint is a great addition to a cucumber bed. Its strong scent repels pests and keeps your plants healthy.

9: Lavender is another excellent companion for cucumbers. Its fragrance deters pests and attracts beneficial pollinators.