1: "Outrage as No 10 criticises BBC for funding Duchess of Sussex's show Suits using license fee money."

2: "Public angered by BBC's decision to invest in Meghan Markle's TV project with taxpayer money."

3: "No 10 lashes out at BBC for misusing license fee funds on ex-royal's television ventures."

4: "License fee controversy: BBC under fire for financing Duchess of Sussex's Suits appearance."

5: "No 10 condemns BBC for its support of Meghan Markle's show Suits, sparking public backlash."

6: "BBC faces backlash as No 10 questions use of license fee money for Duchess of Sussex's Suits role."

7: "Public fury as No 10 calls out BBC for diverting license fee funds to support Meghan Markle in Suits."

8: "No 10 slams BBC for allocation of license fee funds to Duchess of Sussex's TV show Suits."

9: "Outcry over BBC's funding of Meghan Markle's Suits appearance with taxpayer money, No 10 voices concern."