1: Title: Tragic Loss Content: A vegan woman's death from a fruit diet shocked her family.

2: Title: Desperate Plea Content: The mother of the deceased vegan fought to save her for years.

3: Title: Warning Signs Content: The woman's extreme diet took a toll on her health.

4: Title: Heartbreaking Journey Content: The family's struggle to help the vegan woman is revealed.

5: Title: Final Moments Content: The mother recalls the tragic end of her daughter's life.

6: Title: Advocating for Change Content: The family shares their story to raise awareness about extreme diets.

7: Title: Finding Closure Content: The grieving mother reflects on her daughter's legacy.

8: Title: Hope for the Future Content: The family urges others to prioritize health and seek professional guidance.

9: Title: In Loving Memory Content: Remembering the vegan woman and spreading awareness about the dangers of restrictive diets.