1: Knuckles is back in the spotlight with his own Sonic spinoff game. Read our review to see if this tough echidna delivers on the hype.

2: Dive into Knuckles' world as he embarks on a new adventure to save his friends and recover all of his lost rings.

3: Explore stunning levels and face off against familiar foes in this fast-paced platformer that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4: With smooth controls and dynamic gameplay, Knuckles' new game is a refreshing take on the classic Sonic formula.

5: Uncover hidden secrets and power-ups as you race through each level, collecting rings and defeating enemies along the way.

6: Immerse yourself in Knuckles' story as he fights to overcome his own insecurities and prove himself as a hero in his own right.

7: Experience the thrill of high-speed battles and intense boss fights that will put your reflexes to the test in this action-packed game.

8: Discover the true power of teamwork as Knuckles teams up with Sonic and Tails to take down the evil Dr. Robotnik and save the day.

9: Overall, Knuckles' spinoff game is a must-play for fans of the Sonic series, offering a fresh perspective on this iconic character and his world.