1: Title: Introduction Content: Learn how to fix pink lines on Galaxy S7 Edge screens.

2: Title: Restart Your Device Content: Start by restarting your Galaxy S7 Edge to potentially eliminate pink lines.

3: Title: Update Software Content: Ensure your phone's software is up to date to address pink lines.

4: Title: Check Display Settings Content: Adjust display settings to see if pink lines disappear on your screen.

5: Title: Perform a Factory Reset Content: Consider doing a factory reset to resolve persistent pink lines.

6: Title: Seek Professional Help Content: If pink lines persist, consult an expert for potential hardware issues.

7: Title: Avoid Moisture Exposure Content: Keep your Galaxy S7 Edge away from moisture to prevent screen issues.

8: Title: Use Screen Calibration Apps Content: Try using screen calibration apps to correct pink lines on your device.

9: Title: Conclusion Content: Follow these steps to effectively fix pink lines on your Galaxy S7 Edge screen.