1: Introducing Google Pixel 8 Discover the biggest upgrades from Google Pixel 7 to the latest model.

2: Design Overhaul Sleeker, more modern design sets the Google Pixel 8 apart from its predecessor.

3: Advanced Camera Features Enhanced camera capabilities for stunning photos and videos on Google Pixel 8.

4: Faster Performance Experience lightning-fast speeds with the new Google Pixel 8 processor.

5: Improved Battery Life Longer battery life ensures you can stay connected all day on Google Pixel 8.

6: 5G Connectivity Next-level connectivity with 5G technology on Google Pixel 8.

7: Enhanced Display Vibrant OLED display with higher resolution on Google Pixel 8 compared to Google Pixel 7.

8: Updated Software New features and improvements on Google Pixel 8 with the latest software updates.

9: Overall Comparison Explore the differences between Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 7 for the ultimate upgrade.