1: Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 5 Discover the key differences between Google's latest flagship phones.

2: Display Pixel 6 features a larger 6.4-inch display, while Pixel 5 has a 6-inch screen.

3: Design Pixel 6 boasts a sleek new design with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

4: Performance Experience faster performance with Pixel 6's upgraded chipset.

5: Camera Pixel 6 offers improved camera capabilities with advanced AI features.

6: Battery Life Pixel 6 features a larger battery for longer usage time compared to Pixel 5.

7: Software Enjoy the latest Android updates and features on both Pixel 6 and Pixel 5.

8: Price Pixel 6 is priced higher than Pixel 5, reflecting its enhanced features.

9: Conclusion Upgrade to Pixel 6 for a superior smartphone experience over Pixel 5.