1: Google Pixel 5 offers 5G connectivity and wireless charging, while Pixel 4a features a budget-friendly price and impressive camera quality.

2: Pixel 5 boasts a water and dust-resistant design, alongside a smooth 90Hz display, whereas Pixel 4a has a compact, lightweight build.

3: Google Pixel 5 shines with its powerful Snapdragon 765G processor and larger battery capacity, while Pixel 4a stands out for its affordability.

4: Pixel 5 includes reverse wireless charging and environmental credentials, while Pixel 4a delivers exceptional software features and regular updates.

5: Google Pixel 5 excels with enhanced video stabilization and Night Sight mode, compared to the reliable camera performance of Pixel 4a.

6: Pixel 5 offers a sophisticated design with slim bezels and metal body, while Pixel 4a features a plastic build with a headphone jack.

7: Google Pixel 5 ensures a seamless user experience with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage, while Pixel 4a prioritizes performance with 6GB of RAM.

8: Pixel 5 introduces Adaptive Battery technology for extended usage and reverse wireless charging, whereas Pixel 4a focuses on essential features at a lower price.

9: Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a cater to different needs, with Pixel 5 offering premium features and Pixel 4a providing exceptional value for money.