1: 1. Virgo: Known for their attention to detail and analytical approach.

2: 2. Capricorn: With a practical mindset and strong work ethic.

3: 3. Aquarius: Innovative and open-minded, always seeking new possibilities.

4: 4. Gemini: Quick-witted and adaptable, often seeing things from various perspectives.

5: 5. Libra: Balanced in their thinking and fair in decision-making.

6: 6. Taurus: Reliable and consistent, with a methodical approach.

7: 7. Sagittarius: Optimistic and visionary, thinking big and aiming high.

8: 8. Aries: Bold and action-oriented, leading with intuition and courage.

9: 9. Scorpio: Intense and deep, with a sharp intuition and investigative nature.