1: "Adventure-loving Sagittarius? Propose during a thrilling outdoor activity like skydiving or hiking."

2: "Plan a surprise trip for your Sagittarius partner and pop the question in a scenic location."

3: "Get creative and propose with a personalized treasure hunt leading to the ultimate question."

4: "Express your love through a heartfelt letter or poem for your Sagittarius before proposing."

5: "Take your Sagittarius on a hot air balloon ride for a romantic and memorable proposal."

6: "Surprise your Sagittarius with a flash mob proposal that will sweep them off their feet."

7: "Propose during a spontaneous road trip with your Sagittarius and make it a moment to remember."

8: "Plan a cozy and intimate proposal at home with candles, rose petals, and a heartfelt speech."

9: "Get down on one knee under the stars and ask your Sagittarius to spend forever with you."