1: Discover the world of Indian whiskies with our list of award-winning brands and their prices.

2: Amrut Fusion - A top contender with a price tag of around $70 per bottle.

3: Paul John Bold - A rich and complex blend priced at approximately $60 per bottle.

4: Rampur Select - A smooth and flavorful option averaging around $50 per bottle.

5: Amrut Single Malt - A popular choice with a price range of $60 to $80 per bottle.

6: Paul John Brilliance - A balanced and affordable option at around $50 per bottle.

7: Radico Khaitan Rampur - An underrated gem priced at about $40 per bottle.

8: Amrut Peated - A smoky and distinctive whisky with a price tag of $70 to $90 per bottle.

9: Spirits of India by Amrut - A premium and luxurious whisky costing around $100 per bottle.