1: 1. New York Style Pizza: Thin crust, foldable slices, classic favorite.

2: 2. Chicago Deep Dish: Thick crust, layers of cheese, hearty flavors.

3: 3. Neapolitan Pizza: Wood-fired, simple ingredients, authentic taste.

4: 4. Detroit Style Pizza: Square shape, caramelized crust, unique style.

5: 5. California Pizza: Thin crust, creative toppings, fresh and light.

6: 6. St. Louis Style Pizza: Thin, cracker-like crust, Provel cheese, tangy sauce.

7: 7. Greek Pizza: Thick, chewy crust, feta cheese, Mediterranean flavors.

8: 8. Sicilian Pizza: Thick, rectangular slices, generous toppings, satisfyingly filling.

9: 9. Hawaiian Pizza: Sweet and savory, ham, pineapple, controversial yet beloved.