1: Silicon Valley, USA: Known as the tech capital, Silicon Valley offers a supportive startup ecosystem.

2: Tel Aviv, Israel: A vibrant city with a strong focus on innovation and technology startups.

3: Berlin, Germany: Known for its low costs and diverse talent pool, Berlin is a hub for startups.

4: London, UK: A melting pot of cultures and ideas, London is a top destination for startups.

5: Singapore: With its favorable business environment and access to funding, Singapore is a startup hotspot.

6: Bangalore, India: The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a leading tech startup hub.

7: Shanghai, China: A bustling city with government support for startups, Shanghai is a growing innovation hub.

8: Stockholm, Sweden: Known for its high quality of life and support for entrepreneurs, Stockholm is ideal for startups.

9: Tokyo, Japan: With a strong focus on technology and innovation, Tokyo is a top city for tech startups.