1: Avoid adding excessive amounts of sugar to oats for a healthier breakfast option.

2: Steer clear of high-calorie toppings like chocolate chips or caramel for a lighter meal.

3: Skip adding processed flavored syrups to oats to reduce added sugars in your diet.

4: Avoid mixing in high-fat ingredients like butter or heavy cream to keep your oats light.

5: Stay away from adding salt to your oats for a heart-healthy and low-sodium meal.

6: Avoid incorporating sugary cereals or candies as toppings for a nutritious oatmeal.

7: Skip adding artificial sweeteners to oats for a more natural and wholesome breakfast.

8: Avoid adding high-calorie nuts or seeds in excess to keep your oatmeal balanced.

9: Steer clear of processed and high-sugar granola as a topping for healthier oats.