1: "Try a tangy tuna salad with avocado on whole wheat for a healthy breakfast twist."

2: "Mix tuna with Greek yogurt and dill for a creamy sandwich filling."

3: "Add crunchy apples and walnuts to your tuna salad for a satisfying crunch."

4: "Spice up your tuna sandwich with sriracha mayo and pickled red onions."

5: "Swap mayo for mashed avocado in your tuna salad for a lighter option."

6: "Top your tuna salad with sliced cucumbers and fresh herbs for a refreshing flavor."

7: "Try a tuna melt on whole wheat bread with melted cheese for a comforting breakfast."

8: "Mix tuna with hummus and diced tomatoes for a Mediterranean-inspired twist."

9: "Wrap your tuna salad in a whole wheat tortilla for a portable breakfast on the go."