1: 1. Prep your skin with moisturizer. 2. Use primer to create a smooth base.

2: 3. Apply foundation evenly with a brush. 4. Conceal under-eye circles and blemishes.

3: 5. Set foundation with translucent powder. 6. Contour your face with bronzer.

4: 7. Add a pop of blush on your cheeks. 8. Highlight cheekbones for a glow.

5: 9. Define eyebrows with pencil or powder. 10. Apply eyeshadow in desired shades.

6: 11. Line eyes with eyeliner for definition. 12. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

7: 13. Finish the look with a bold lip. 14. Set makeup with setting spray.

8: 15. Blend all products for a flawless finish. 16. Before and after photos for comparison.

9: 17. Remember to clean brushes regularly. 18. Experiment and have fun with different looks.